Landscape & Construction Process




Your Red Valley Landscape Consultant and Project Manager will visit you and your family at your house. We will review the layout and initial set of construction plans, and answer all of your questions. All notes from the meeting will be documented by the Project Manager for inclusion in the master plan. The pre-construction phase will be complete upon the procurement of permits and HOA approval.


For the upcoming weeks, your backyard will be overrun with Red Valley staff and construction equipment. The most skilled work force in the industry will treat your job as if it were their own. The following information will describe the build process. We want you to be thrilled and educated throughout the process. So remember to ask questions at any time. Your Red Valley team is here for you.





By now, your plans have been approved, permits have been secured, and the Red Valley team is ready to make your dream come true. The excavating process begins for your construction project. First, we spray paint the outline of your patio and structures. Next, using transits and engineering equipment and excavation equipment, we will begin the excavation for your patio, piers and outdoor living structure. Once we have the patio grades shot, we will reroute all drainage and run any underground utilities needed for your project. Finally, we are ready to pour your patio and begin the next phase of your project.





This is the point where your project really starts to take shape. Our stone masons will begin building your fireplaces, outdoor kitchen, seat walls, columns and any other stonework that pertains to your project. This phase could take several weeks depending on the scope of work. The masonry work performed by Red Valley staff is second to none, and the masonry phase is where many projects truly begin to come to life. At this point we may be able to enhance the overall project by making changes according to how the stone masonry is taking shape. Such changes often require no additional costs, so please feel free to talk to our staff and ask questions if you have any ideas or would like to inquire about making changes to the project.





At this point we are ready to start cleaning things up and determine the final grades for your landscape. Once we have removed all trash and construction debris, we will bring in top soil as needed in order to backfill, level out your property where needed, and create the final grades for your landscape.





With your Red Valley project starting to take shape, the irrigation and drainage phase of the project is often one that most people don’t value as much as they should. However, this phase is actually very important to the long-term health and success of your landscape. Our irrigation crews will come in and start modifying your sprinkler system to fit your new landscape. We may be installing drip irrigation to pots, adding bubblers to your new trees or adding pop up heads to your beds and lawn – whatever your unique landscape needs. We take into consideration the best possible way to minimize the waste of water, and are also putting the final touches on your drainage system at this time. At this point of the project we will have our lighting crews come in and start running the wire for your landscape lighting.





This part of the project is what most people truly enjoy watching. Our landscape crews will excavate some of the existing soil and then add rich bedding mix to your beds. At this point we start installing your large trees as well as ornamental trees. The next step is where we plant your shrubs, perennials and groundcovers. Once everything is planted, we will then start mulching the beds.





Now that the project is about 90% completed, the final details will be added. This part of the project is where many other landscape companies fail to finish the job properly – and thus fail to meet their customer’s expectations. At Red Valley we are focused on the final details of your landscape project – planting the seasonal color, installing the light fixtures for your landscape lighting, checking the sprinkler system one last time and thoroughly cleaning up your property to leave it looking even better than when we started your project.





By now you are starting to plan the arrangement of your patio furniture as well as how you are going to enjoy your outdoor living area and landscape. Your Red Valley Landscape Consultant will walk you through the entire project, answering any questions you might have regarding your landscape or construction project. At this point we can also provide you with a proposal to maintain and protect your investment. We offer many different services that you can ask your Landscape Consultant about – and we are always here to help you with all of your landscape needs.