Pool Construction Process

Learn how our experts design and construct our award-winning custom swimming pools



Pre-Construction Meeting 

Your Red Valley Landscape Consultant and Project Manager will visit you and your family at your house. We will review the layout and initial set of construction plans, and answer all of your questions. All notes from the meeting will be documented by the Project Manager for inclusion in the master plan. The pre-construction phase will be complete upon the procurement of permits and HOA approval.

Pool Construction

For the upcoming weeks, your backyard will be overrun with Red Valley staff and construction equipment. The most skilled work force in the industry will treat your job as if it were their own. The following information will describe the build process. We want you to be thrilled and educated throughout the process. So remember to ask questions at any time. Your Red Valley team is here for you.




By now, your plans have been approved, permits have been secured and the Red Valley team is ready to make your dream come true. The excavating process begins and the accessibility to your pool location for our equipment will determine the amount of time needed to complete the excavation, usually one to three days. First, the outline of your pool is formed. Next, using transits and engineering equipment, large dirt-removing equipment will begin the dig, conforming to depths specified in your plan. Finally, crews will hand shape the pool form to exact dimensions. Crushed rock is used in certain locations to help with the effects of vertical rise in the soil.





Regardless of sanitation type, the quality of water chemistry depends on proper movement of water. Red Valley designs the suction and return elements on every pool. All plumbing lines penetrating the shell are equipped with water-stop fittings to prevent leaking. Our plumbing lines are installed side-by-side to avoid future plumbing breaks due to ground movement. Expect to use an area approximately 4′ x 8′ for your pool equipment and an additional 4′ in length if adding a spa or heater.





Red Valley will custom design your pool steel structure to coincide with the ground conditions evident in your area. Steel size, steel spacing and box beam design are customized and designed for your pool based on specific soil composition.





Whether it is a bigger, standard box beam, bigger standard skimmer boxes, or the removing of rebound, each Red Valley Pool shell is built with quality components unique to our industry. Your Red Valley custom-built pool will be the best our industry has to offer. Red Valley builds every pool with #3 and or #4 rebar.





Our master electricians and plumbers oversee all Red Valley work. With safety-critical phases such as electrical and gas line work, Red Valley uses only master electricians and plumbers that physically perform and inspect the work.





With a huge selection of tiles and copings, your choices aren’t limited by any means. Whether we are building elaborate waterfalls, retaining walls or other masonry services, the masonry work performed by Red Valley staff is second to none. This phase of construction will start to transform your pool shell into a customized work of backyard art.





Whether it is a standard deck such as salt rock finish or hand seeded aggregate, or an upgraded deck such as pavers, stamp concrete, or a natural flagstone patio, Red Valley sets the quality standard for all products. We offer an array of color choices and use only the best-manufactured colors and sealers. Our deck crews perform the highest quality deck and drainage work in the business. Whether it is independently plumbed downspout systems, or independently plumbed decking and planter drain systems, at Red Valley we pay more attention to drainage than anyone in our industry.





This phase encompasses the construction of outdoor living features. Some of the most popular requests are for outdoor kitchens, complete with grill, refrigerator, warming drawers, sinks and storage. Many outdoor living spaces also feature fire elements such as a fireplace, fire pit and heaters, as well as seating areas and audio/video components. One of our primary goals is to “bring the indoors outside” to create the complete outdoor experience. By creating structures that accommodate the way you live your life, your backyard can be enjoyed and utilized 365 days a year. With the addition of patio covers, cabanas, arbors and fireplaces, not only will you add to the enjoyment of your backyard, but also bring increased value to your home. The complexity of your project will determine the amount of time needed to complete this phase.





At this stage, the anticipation is very high! Your pool project is almost complete. Whether it is a standard white finish, upgraded quartz additive or premium blend of Durazzo or Diamond Brite products, Red Valley does not waiver on the quality of products or applicators. In fact, by using only the SGM line of alternative interior finish products, your pool will be completed entirely by licensed applicators and be protected by the most recognized interior finish manufacturer in the world today.





The kids are probably ready to jump in by now! A little patience will be needed as our Red Valley staff starts up all the equipment and starts to balance the water. At this point we are putting the final touches on your pool, including labeling the pipes, cleaning and vacuuming the interior.





Whether we are explaining how the water flows or educating you on pool maintenance and water chemistry, your Red Valley Consultant will take the time to teach you and your family about the operation of your new pool. Your investment in a new pool is substantial, so we take care to show you how to protect that investment.





A Red Valley client for life! For more than 17 years, our clients have been served by Red Valley employees for the building and servicing of their backyards. We will never give you a list of people to call for different warranty questions – you simply call us . . . and we will provide the answers you need.