Custom Swimming Pools

Let our experts design and build the custom swimming pool of your dreams


Enjoy the summertime excitement you felt as a child in your own backyard! Our custom swimming pools and spas are designed and built using only the highest quality materials and equipment so your family can enjoy your pool or spa for years to come.  Choose a pool with wide and generous patio proportions, panoramic views and shaded corners to create your own backyard island paradise. Shelter in a sleepy spot under a poolside pergola completely furnished with plush and comfy outdoor furniture like full-size beds covered in soft outdoor fabrics.  Your pavilion or outdoor structure will perfectly compliment your pool and provide a cool respite from the sun for an afternoon siesta. For a more controlled outdoor environment, add bermuda shutters along a couple sides of your overhead structure to allow shade seekers to control breezes.


Beset the entire pool by a wide set of steps running the entire width of the pool, or perhaps, as an interesting alternate, use two sets of slender steps running down each side of the pool for a minimalist look that leaves more space for floating and swimming.  If you opt for the two step option, join them with a shallow ledge, the ideal spot for a partial submerge into the pool for cool and sweatless sunbathing.


Adding island landscaping to your pool can be as simple as using giant potted palms instead of large trees or shrubs that may obstruct the pretty views but still satisfy the itch for plenty of greenery.  Tie into your lush, backyard landscaping by decorating with extra-large planters filled with leafy green palms and line them up along the perimeter of an expansive wood decking.


Whether you opt for the classic shape and timeless appeal of a symmetrical pool or the modern styling of a freeform pool, we can customize your gunite pool using the finest materials and with many options such as salt water, chlorine, ozone, tanning ledge, beach entry, negative edge, infinity, free form, grotto, waterfalls, water slide, play pool, heated and even chilled.  Add a pair of stone seat walls on the patio to create a lounging spot on the pool decking that doubles as a chaise complete with outdoor cushions and umbrellas for added comfort.  Punctuate your pool with a colorful flower bed of seasonal color to add a touch of bright color to the perimeter of the pool without requiring much extra maintenance.


Texture is most important to take into consideration when it comes to selecting a material for your decking.  Smooth surfaces feel best under bare feet, but must also come with the caveat of not being slippery or too heat conductive to avoid uncomfortable burning.  Light-colored surfaces retain less heat and are less likely to burn, so materials like brick and natural wood offer practical solutions for decking. Let our experts help you choose the perfect patio to pay homage to your place for fun in the sun!


With over 20 years experience, Red Valley Landscape & Construction can deliver award-winning custom gunite swimming pool design and installation with projects of every shape and size. From a smaller residential pool to a large, resort-style paradise, trust the company who was voted the best swimming pool contractor in Oklahoma and has won a 3-Tier Design Award for excellence in design.  Let our experts of poolside paradise create an oasis of fun right in your own backyard for years worth of wet and wild family fun!




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