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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

April 17, 2019


There are lots of ways to do your part for the environment in your outdoor space. The opportunities are endless, but below are just a couple ideas to get the ball rolling.


Smart Irrigation

Water conservation is a very important part of being green. Red Valley’s highly trained technicians utilize all the latest irrigation products and technology, including smart controllers. These irrigation controllers use sensors to determine the exact amount of water your landscape needs. These controllers are able to reduce your water consumption by one third or more – while also ensuring your plants and grasses stay healthy and beautiful.



Adding a garden to your outdoor space is an incredible way to increase your environmental sustainability. If you grow even 10% of your own food through a fruit and vegetable garden in your backyard, you reduce your environmental impact exponentially. Not to mention the impact it could have on your grocery bill.


Solar Power

Using solar powered lighting for your outdoor space is another way to both lower your environmental impact while reducing your energy bill. These lights have small solar panels on them to soak up energy while they are not in use, and use that energy to power the lights once the sun sets.


Give Red Valley Landscape a call for more innovative and creative ways to make your outdoor space eco-friendly.

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