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4 Reasons to Light Up Your Lawn

May 27, 2019

Installing a collection of attractive, well-placed landscape lights can be the spark you’ve needed to bring your front lawn or backyard back to life. Not only can outdoor lights convert your home into a more welcoming, inviting place, but they can also serve a slew of more practical, functional purposes. Maybe you want to tighten security around your home. Maybe you have purely aesthetic motives in mind. Maybe you want both. Below are just a few of the many reasons why adding strategic lighting to your lawn is not only stylish, but smart.

  1. It will highlight your lawn’s lush features. You’ve invested so much time, energy, and money into keeping your lawn vibrant and thriving. You’re doing yourself and your impressive projects a disservice if you’re only showing them off during the daylight hours. When placed intentionally, lights can accentuate your favorite spots in your yard and draw your guests’ attention away from the spots that need a little TLC. It’s important to first establish your goals and determine what sort of mood you want to create through the lighting to bring your vision to fruition. For example, you can opt for a softer patio look by hiding lights beneath shrubs to slightly mute the glow or choose a brighter, bolder look of fully exposed lights for lighting sidewalks.


  1. It will make your lawn easier to navigate at night. Whether you are firing up the grill a little later in the evening than usual or you’re returning home from a vacation in the wee hours of the night, landscape lighting positioned around walkways or patios will make it much easier to see where you’re walking or what you’re chopping (and it may spare you a sprained ankle or severed fingertip, which is definitely a plus). A few extra safety measures can truly go a long way.  

  2. It will make your home less of a target for robbery or vandalism. Well-lit front and backyards make your home less vulnerable to crimes like robbery or vandalism because they increase visibility, and therefore, paranoia within prospective criminals. They also reduce the number of available hiding spots. Illuminating entry points can throw burglars for a loop and make it more difficult for them to break into your home inconspicuously.

  1. It will encourage your friends and family to stay outside longer. When your backyard looks more like a glowing paradise than a dark horror film setting, people are naturally going to gravitate towards it and want to spend more time there. Investing in the right lighting can transform your space into your friends’ and family’s favorite party spot and create a retreat-like vibe...and who doesn’t need a getaway sometimes, even just for one evening?

If you’ve always dreamt of having the perfectly illuminated patio for summer cookouts and you’re ready to make your backyard a little more magical, set up a consultation with Red Valley today. Our LED lighting design experts will take care of every detail for you and help you create a balanced outdoor lighting design for decks, patios, and other outdoor structures. You owe it to yourself and your beautiful lawn.

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