Client Consultations

Custom Landscape Design for a Norman Oklahoma Home

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Getting Started: Initial Contact
When you contact our office, we will ask for some basic information from you including contact information, the scope of work you are interested in and how you heard about us. When we make our first visit to your home, we will need you to provide us with a property survey at that time. Your survey plat is usually contained in your house closing documents. Having this document at our initial meeting will allow us to accurately design your project with respect to property lines, easements, building setbacks, and existing layout of gas, electrical and water services.

Initial Consultation
At the initial meeting, our Landscape Consultant will ask you several questions regarding your goals and objectives, family lifestyle and some specific questions depending on the scope of work. Do you desire a pool or outdoor living areas such as a kitchen, cabana or shade structure? Will you use your outdoor living area in the fall and winter – if so, maybe you would like a fire pit or fireplace? What are some of your favorite colors or shrubs that you might want to incorporate into the overall plan? We will also conduct a topographical study, locate utilities, study the access, and determine overall locations for the project. Before leaving, your Red Valley Landscape Consultant will schedule a secondary meeting at your place to review your design.

• We will walk your property with you, taking notes and listening closely.
• We will listen to your objectives and endeavor to understand your landscape dreams.
• We will ask questions to help bring your project into better focus.
• We will discuss your anticipated budget for the work discussed.
• We will discuss whether our design services are appropriate and how they work.

Our team of Red Valley designers has more than 17 years of experience creating outdoor environments – wonderful outdoor spaces that will create lasting memories for you and your family. Our designs incorporate even the smallest details, with levels of accuracy that set the standard in the landscape industry. Every project we undertake is unique, whether it is large or small – because every property is different. The design we develop will be custom-made specifically for you, your family and your environment. We use the latest in 2-D and 3-D technology and architectural standards like AutoCAD. We aim to awe you, excite you and serve you with creativity and accuracy. Our landscape designs range from conceptual to highly detailed plans, depending upon your specific needs.

Conceptual Plan
A conceptual plan is an illustration that addresses all of the ideas and requirements discussed at our first design consultation. We utilize a combination of hand-rendered and computer generated drawings to create your conceptual design. We will meet with you to describe the conceptual plan and to obtain feedback from you. If needed, the plan can be revised to your specifications.

Final Master Plan
For the most complicated or large projects, your landscape design may require a detailed master plan. Often in this case, there are multiple moving parts in the project – for example: swimming pool and patio, outdoor living, outdoor kitchen, landscape, landscape lighting, grading and drainage.

Once we have completed your design, we will also provide you with a detailed proposal for each phase of your project. This will allow you to see how your project costs compile and help determine if a phased approach is needed – or whether the project can be installed all at one time. Our Landscape Consultant is available to discuss your options if you are unsure whether to go with a multiple-phase project or complete the entire project immediately.

At Red Valley we pride ourselves on being experienced professionals. You can rest assured that the proposal we present to you will be highly detailed and concise. Details such as topographical changes, unique city codes, setbacks, easements – and most importantly – drainage, are all parts of our estimating process. We are here to take care of every last detail so that there is never any hassle or worry for our clients. In addition, we guarantee that the scope of our work will be well defined and there will be no hidden exclusions or assumptions.