Maintenance Schedule

Following are general guidelines we have provided to help ensure your landscape investment has the best opportunity to thrive in Oklahoma. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Red Valley Landscape & Construction for more information.

Mulch – We recommend that you add mulch to your beds to help reduce run off, and also to help keep the moisture in the ground. You should mulch in spring and/or fall to help create a perfect environment for your plants.

Fertilization – Starting in April, we recommend that you fertilize your lawn and beds every other month through the month of September. In addition to fertilizing, we recommend you apply pre and post -emergent to your lawn in March, May and September.

Seasonal Color – Spring color should be planted in March and will last until your summer color is ready to be changed out in May. Once you have planted your summer color, this will last into the fall until October, which is the time to plant your fall color. Depending on the weather, seasonal installation can vary year to year.

Perennials and Grasses – Perennials need to be cut back prior to spring time, and the best time of year to do this is February. If you cut back your perennials too soon you can actually cause freeze damage to the root ball. Grasses can also be cut back at this time. During the winter months, the grasses will provide you with a nice texture and some additional color.

Crape Myrtles – Many people have a difference of opinion on whether crape myrtles should be trimmed at all. We feel that the best way to prune crape myrtles is to trim them with an arch to the top of the canopy. You don’t want to trim them straight across, as this would cut off all their new growth for the past year. The best time to trim crape myrtles is from January – February, before they start to bud out new growth.