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Winterizing OKC Swimming Pools

Red-Valley-Blog-Snow-GraphicBrrrrrrr! It’s getting cold in Oklahoma City (OKC)! Shortly temperatures will begin to plummet below freezing as people break out heavy coats, hoodies, gloves and scarves from their closets. The amount of preparation (and we’re not just talking about for your wardrobe) that goes into gearing up for winter in OKC can be overwhelming.

How is it possible to efficiently sort through/buy more winter clothes, winterize automobiles and perform necessary winter maintenance for your pool. As the premier landscaping company in OKC, we’ve got you covered when it comes to pool maintenance advice, but you’re on your own regarding clothes and automobiles. On the blog today, we’re discussing all you need to know about winterizing  OKC swimming pools.

One of the most important tips Red Valley Landscape & Construction can give you for winterizing OKC swimming pools is to make sure that your pool is first and foremost impeccably clean. Make sure to skim the leaves, vacuum the sediment and scrub the grime off of the tile and plaster. While this tip may be obvious for some, you would be surprised at how many people fail to think about this step when winterizing swimming pools.

Once cleaning is complete, you need to get the water chemistry balanced. This protects the surface of OKC swimming pools from staining and etching. Check the calcium hardness, total alkalinity and the pH. Getting the chemicals right in swimming pools will help keep water clear for next season.

The third step is to drain the water in your water features because when water freezes, it expands. Leaving water in pipes may cause them to burst, costing you lots of money to get OKC swimming pools back up and running for summertime. Now, it’s time to cover your swimming pool. The cover should be in good condition with no holes or tears.

You don’t want any leaves, limbs or debris getting in. Mesh covers are less expensive than vinyl covers, but they do allow sunlight and dirty to pass through, which may help algae grow in the spring. Vinyl covers keep both sunlight and dirty water out of your OKC swimming pool, but they are more expensive.

Another way to winterize OKC swimming pools is with freeze protection equipment. This equipment operates with a sensor, measuring the air temperature outside and turning on the pool pump after the low threshold is reached. More advanced pool controllers also can open any valves that are closed, and turn on other booster or waterfall pumps.

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