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OKC Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

We’re shaking things up on today’s blog. As the leading residential and commercial landscaping firm in OKC, we often give our readers advice about the latest landscaping trends and ideas. We tell you all the things you should be doing (or hiring us to do) to achieve a certain look, prepare for the next season or increase property value, but not today. Instead, Red Valley Landscape is telling you what not to do as we educate you on some of the most common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

1) Landscaping for Just One Season

A lot of people think that their landscaping is only meant to thrive in the summer months, but they are sadly mistaken. Successful landscaping lasts all year round. Achieving long lasting landscaping in an outdoor living space requires choosing a variety of plant material that bloom and look best at different times of the year. For example, you wouldn’t want to only choose plant material that blooms or is evergreen during Spring or Summer only. While you’re enjoying those wonderful fall and winter evenings by your outdoor living area you want to have a nice mixture of evergreens and fall color at this time of the year while other plants are dormant for the winter. This way, the eye still has something to fix itself on in late fall and winter.

2) Color Overload

Landscaping is a lot like home decorating. While color is good, use it carefully and in patterns or schemes. Otherwise, colors can clash, making your landscaping look tacky. A good rule of thumb is to pick color palette and be consistent with it. Yellows, blues and white go well together and so do silvers, blues and purples. Check out some of our Oklahoma landscape work for inspiration.

3) Planting for Flowers

It’s common for people to struggle with the decision to find the right flowers to choose for their next landscaping project, but what about the texture and color of the leaves? Planting for the sake of flowers is something you should avoid because the leaves of plants are what you and your landscaping admirers will be looking at it all year round. Don’t forget the foliage! Consider the shapes, colors and feel of plant leaves before choosing which plants to include for landscaping projects. Red Valley Landscape’s expert design consultants can help you pick the best option to meet your needs.

4) Forgetting That Plants Grow

Plants grow, right? Yes, they do. Keep this in mind when working on landscaping projects. Many people who do their own landscaping like to ignore spacing suggestions, which causes overcrowding later on. This means more work created later on, as you would need to pull some plants. To avoid this from happening, keep in mind that it’s fine to see mulch in your landscaping early on in the growing process. You can always save your time and let us handle your next landscaping project for you. Get a hold of us online through our contact form or call us at 405-509-2300.

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