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Are Pavers Better Than Concrete?

paver-drivewayAt Red Valley Landscape, we create beautiful Oklahoma landscape gardens with decorative concrete, but more often we suggest clients take advantage of our large selection of pavers for all of their outdoor living designs instead. There are just too many benefits to pass up! Pavers have changed the landscaping game, and for today’s blog we’re explaining to you why! Here are four reasons pavers are better than concrete.

1. Safety first

From swimming pools to outdoor kitchens or outdoor living, there is always a risk of slipping in these concrete-laden spots around the house. However, we have a solution. Red Valley Landscape carries pavers with anti-slip texture for added traction. Just by adding these types of pavers in these areas around the house you could save someone from a trip (to the ER). What a great investment!

2. Variety is the spice of life

Pavers come in tons of colors and shapes. However, there are only a handful of colors available for concrete stain. Our landscape consultants can help you pick the right pavers to achieve certain looks you want. Imagine dark pavers surrounding a glistening, deep blue swimming pool or pavers with golden hues paired with a custom, cedar arbor. There are many options so feel free to let your imagination run wild- Red Valley Landscape will bring it to life for you.

3. Versatility

Much like people, pavers come in all types, shapes and sizes- we’re talking brick, granite, natural stone and more! No matter what type of paver you choose, Red Valley Landscape can build anything with them with functionality and elegance including walkways, columns, patios, pools and pavilions. You can even do an entire driveway in pavers rather than standard concrete or asphalt!

4. Lifespan

Oklahoma’s climate is harsh with frigid winters, scorching summers, record-breaking rains, tornadoes and earthquakes. However, Red Valley Landscape carries pavers made to last no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. While concrete tends to crack over time, pavers are able to move as the Earth moves below while withstanding the elements.

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