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Fall Planting Tips in Oklahoma

Oklahoma landscape companies design with fall foliage for added beauty.Fall in Oklahoma ushers in the opportunity to put a fantastic collage of colors around the exterior of your home. Now is the time to be thinking about your fall planting needs. Most people think spring is the best time of year for landscape planting, but you will be surprised to learn how many trees and shrubs will actually thrive better when planted in the fall.

According to the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State University, research suggests that early fall planting is best for container-grown and B&B shade and ornamental trees and pines. Additionally, plants planted in the fall have more time for the root system to become established before the onset of summer heat. Other great colors to place around the home in the Oklahoma climate this fall are; pansies, mums, cabbages, kale and different Dusty Miller variations.

There are often more favorable fall days for planting than spring also. Fall showers are generally plentiful around here. Even if it stays warm this October, it’s easy to deeply water plants (at least an inch per week) if we don’t get enough rain this season. Pests and disease problems fade away in the fall as well. You don’t really need fertilizer either. Fertilizer promotes new, tender growth that can be stopped by winter weather so cease fertilizing by late summer.Custom Landscaping on an OKC Oklahoma Front Yard

As for watering, autumn is the end of the fierce growing cycle of summer and plants require a different quantity and frequency for watering. Water plants sparingly to prepare them for dormancy in winter. Later in the fall when the trees have dropped their leaves, give trees and shrubs a good deep watering. Taking these steps will help minimize winter weather injury to your plants.

You need to complete all your fall planting a few weeks before we get our first hard frost this year. So if you want to schedule an appointment to visit about all your fall planting needs, give us a call today.

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