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Summer is winding down as OKC schools resumed this week. Edmond and the remaining towns round off the final days of summer as kids are back in the school rooms next week as well.  If you are like me, it sure seems like it has been a very mild summer. In fact the average temperature of July in Oklahoma was 77.1 degrees this year! It even rained so much this July, it was the 15th wettest July on record in the state, according to (a world class network of Oklahoma measuring stations).

Even with all this rain and cooler weather, Oklahoma is still in a severe drought.  Since March of 2013, OKC has been under the mandatory odd/even lawn watering program. Despite a good couple months of rain this summer, it will take another year or two of healthy rainfall to diminish the severe drought conditions currently facing the state.

Xeriscape and Native landscaping are popular forms of landscaping that I get questioned about regularly. Xeriscaping is a great option for many families. A supplemental Oklahoma article describing both Xeriscaping and Native Landscaping will help you learn more about these type of landscapes.

As a local landscape company, we create master plans that offer a wide variety of drought tolerant landscaping ideas. Strategically placed trees provide needed shade for other plants and shrubbery. Special groupings of plants will also help reduce water usage. Email me for a list of Oklahoma recommended plants if you would like more information about landscape conservation .


Oklahoma Landscape Company

At Red Valley Landscape we respect our local environment and implement green strategies and conservation from our business practices and tools to our knowledge and encouragement of habitat that thrives in our region to our customers.  We can help you find your perfect yard oasis with beautiful landscape that is healthy and efficient in our dry climate.  Call us today for a free consultation! 405.509.2300 – Red Valley Landscape.

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